First Project of the Year – Continued…

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Now that I knew that the quilt was going to be for me, I thought about how I could use the quilt. It didn’t take me long to decide that this would be a lap quilt, and it would end the seemingly endless battle between me and my husband over who gets the majority of the Darth Vader quilt I made for him when we’re getting cozy on the couch watching Netflix or YouTube.

Once I knew for whom and for what purpose, I started thinking about how to make the quilt and what additional fabric I’d need to get. I knew that I needed a quick project that didn’t involve a lot of piecing, and I wanted it to be really soft and cozy, so not a lot of dense quilting.

I ended up picking a beautiful plaid flannel by Robert Kaufman, and quickly did the math to determine the yardage for the very simple and easy, yet super soft and warm quilt.

Before I show you the final quilt, I must admit that working with plaid, especially flannel plaid, poses its own unique challenges related to pattern matching and distortion. I made several notes while working on this quilt, and you can find my tips and tricks for using plaid flannel in another post that you can find here.

So, without further ado, here’s my very first completed project of 2019!

Now on to other projects!

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