Introducing the Peace Block

In the last few days of 2018, I decided to pick a word for 2019. I first heard of the “word of the year” concept on a Leah Day podcast episode. The idea is to pick a word rather than a list of resolutions, and let that word guide your decisions and behavior throughout the year. I liked this idea, because a specific resolution may become obsolete or impossible as one’s circumstances change during the year. Choosing a word instead of a specific action allows you to be more flexible while working toward a goal, a goal that is defined or at least shaped by the word you choose. So, I gave it some thought and read some blogs about other people’s words and how they came about determining them. And then, a light bulb went on! I had found my word for 2019:


A lot has happened in my life in the past couple of years, and I realized that it was time to make my peace with all that was outside of my control. It may seem like an inactive word, but peace requires a lot of intent, will, and work.

And I am willing to work hard! Case in point: the peace block.

This block is traditionally pieced, so no applique or paper piecing is involved. It does require curved piecing, however. So, while it may not be appropriate for a first-time quilter, an advanced beginner may find it helpful as a way to practice their curved piecing skills.

The final size of the block depends on the size of the background fabric you choose. I recommend a 10" or 12" final size as the peace sign itself is 7" in diameter.

In its simplest form, the sign requires only two contrasting fabrics. For additional interest to the design, you can use different fabrics for each part of the sign or prepare a pieced background.

I had great fun designing and making this block. I hope you will enjoy making it, too! You can purchase the PDF pattern right here.

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