Introducing “Keyhole Star”

And the fourth block in the black-and-white star blocks series is here! I call this one Keyhole Star because the central design looks somewhat like a keyhole! 🙂 Just like it’s predecessors, Keyhole Star finishes at 10 inches square. This block takes on very different looks depending on your color/fabric choice. Even the two black and white versions look quite different from each other in my opinion, but the difference is most stark in a scrappy design.

In case you’re wondering, Keyhole Star is a variation of Zigzag Star. The construction of the two blocks is very similar, only the block centers being different.

I also really like the way a quilt made up of these blocks would look! Check out the images I’ve created below for some ideas. The black and white one almost has a “Storm at Sea” vibe. What do you think? Am I the only one seeing that connection? 🙂

I’m providing the pattern for Keyhole Star free of charge. You can access the free pattern by clicking here.

Happy quilting! Don’t forget to share your Keyhole Star block or quilt on Instagram using #papatyadesigns and #keyholestar!

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