Final Reveal: The “Inspired” Quilt Top

The “Inspired” block is a free-to-download pattern that you can access here. For the background story behind this block, you can check out this earlier post.

I am now finished with the “Inspired” quilt top, and I feel so happy by just staring at it! The colors are so warm and cheerful!

I tested various layouts with the “Inspired” block, and I was amazed at the versatility of it! The first one below is the closest to the original inspiration (an old upholstery fabric at a restaurant) for the block both in terms of layout and color choices.

While I liked pretty much all these layouts, the one that I ended up choosing in the end is more striking that these, in my opinion. So, are you ready for the reveal?

This quilt top features the Blueberry Park fabric collection by Karen Lewis for Robert Kaufman and Kona’s Ice Frappe solid.

Now I need to decide what kind of quilting to do to finish this project. I don’t want the quilting to take away from the striking contrast of colors orthe distinct patterns on the fabric, so I’m leaning toward a simple design. Do you have any suggestions?

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