Illusion SAL Week 7 – Making More Blocks and Ideas for Leftover HST and FG units

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Dear fellow Illusionists, we’re so close to the end! 🙂 In fact, I know that some of you have already finished the top and are pondering how to quilt Illusion and what kind of backing to use. Speaking of finished Illusion quilts, have you seen the one Nadine shared on Instagram?

Isn’t that gorgeous? I look forward to seeing more finished Illusion quilts on Instagram! Don’t forget to share using #IllusionSAL and #papatyadesigns.

This week, we’re assembling the final three blocks. To read my tips on piecing the Illusion blocks, please see my post from two weeks ago here.

This week I’d like to discuss what we can do with the leftover HST and FG units. Whether you made four or eight HSTs at a time or made only two HSTs and one FG unit at a time, you’ll have some leftover pieces by the time you’re done with the Illusion quilt top.

I have a lot of tiny HSTs left over from the FG units I made, which just added to my collection of leftover HSTs from my first Illusion sample! 🙂

So what to make with these HSTs? Here are some ideas that I’ve been contemplating. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know if you have different plans for your leftover pieces!

1. Coaster, Mug Rug, or Placemat — This is especially a good option if you have tiny HSTs like I do. Here are a couple of micro mini quilts (which could be used as coasters) I made with leftover HSTs. (Incidentally, the one on the bottom was one of the weekly winners of the Micro Mini Sew-Along that took place back in May. 🙂 )

In these cases, I made blocks completely unrelated to Illusion, but you can also make mug rugs that match Illusion. If your Illusion is going to be a lap/couch quilt, matching coasters or mug rugs would be adorable! 🙂

Here’s a “mug rug” I made based on one of the Illusion blocks. I keep this one right by my sewing machine and use it as a resting/quick reach spot for items that I may need during a project, such as mini scissors or a needle when burying threads while quilting.

2. Mini Wall Hanging — Great way to decorate your sewing room or nook!

3. Pillow — If your leftover pieces are on the larger side, this is a great option! Illusion blocks turn out beautifully as pillows! If you’d like to make a square pillow, you may need to add another row or column to your favorite block, since most of them are rectangular. That’s what I did with mine.

4. Pincushion — If you don’t want to make a big pillow, how about a mini version? 🙂

5. Zipper pouch — I haven’t made a zipper pouch with my Illusion leftovers, but I would love to make one! You can use two different block designs on each side and perhaps use your leftover quilt backing as your lining! Or you could make one big block and fold it in half to make a pouch.

6. Tote bag — If you’ve made a very large sized Illusion, chances are you have enough leftovers to make a tote or similar bag!

7. Back of the Quilt — Another option is to use the leftover units on the back. That would be a great way to tie the front and the back of the quilt together!

Are there any other ways you’d use the left-over HST and FG units? Please let us know by commenting here or on Instagram or Facebook.

For the over-achievers: Sew your blocks together, piece your backing (if necessary), and start quilting!

So now, let the fun continue! I look forward to seeing your blocks and hearing your ideas about leftover units! Don’t forget to share your progress here in the comments or on Instagram using #papatyadesigns and #IllusionSAL!

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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