Sign Up for the Illusion Sew-Along!

I’m very excited to host the Illusion sew-along for all the Illusionists out there! 🙂

First, a little background information on the sew-along: We will each be making an Illusion quilt of any size and any colorway. This virtual sew-along will help us get organized, hold one another accountable, provide feedback and motivation to each other, and have fun together! Every week I will write up a blog post about what we need to do that week and provide you with tips for success. You will be able to share your progress and see what other participants are doing with their quilts by following the Instagram hashtag #IllusionSAL. Also, you will be able to post comments on the blog with questions for me and your fellow Illusionists.

All you need to participate in the sew-along is to get a copy of the Illusion pattern, if you haven’t already done so. Click here to buy the pattern. Also, please sign up with your email down below so that you receive the weekly reminders that the blog post is published.

I will be publishing the blog post for each week on Wednesdays by 8am U.S. Eastern Time. Hopefully, this will give you enough time to prepare for that week’s tasks, especially if you are a weekend quilter. I’ve already shared the post for Week 0 – check out the link below! The calendar for the sew-along will be (click on the links to go to that week’s post):

Again, don’t forget to get the pattern and sign up below. I can’t wait to sew with you!

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